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Fifty years ago, Amos Peters decided Longview needed a change. In 1963 he owned a construction company that faced a busy street many brave squirrels dared to cross. Tired of watching countless squirrels meet an unfortunate end, Peters built a bridge long enough to span the width of Olympia Way and wide enough to fit a squirrel.

In mid-August, Longview celebrated its third annual Squirrel Fest, organized to celebrate Longview’s unique tradition of squirrel-inspired infrastructure. The event draws thousands of attendees with dozens of entertainers, vendors and a nighttime concert. Millennium was proud to be a Three Nut Sponsor for this year’s festivities.


Also included in this year’s activities was the unveiling of Longview’s fourth squirrel bridge. Since the first bridge was built by Amos Peters in 1963, the residents and businesses of Longview have rallied together to fund the construction of three new squirrel bridges at various points in the city. The bridges have their own unique style and are designed by companies with experience in restoring historic bridges.

At Millennium, we recognize that it’s the community that makes Longview unique, and we are happy to support Squirrel Fest and other family centered festivities that make our vibrant city even better.

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