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At our annual community barbecue last week, we heard from speakers about the past, present and future of our hometown, Longview. From a planned community with the world’s largest sawmill, to a working riverfront essential to the war efforts, Longview has long been a town of industry and trade. Cowlitz County Commissioners Dennis Weber and Mike Karnofski and Cowlitz EDC President Ted Sprague shared their experiences growing up in our community and their confidence in the economic opportunity that Millennium will bring.

Like in previous years, we were joined by alumni of Reynolds Aluminum, who toured the site to see the changes underway. As we move forward in the permitting process, we continue to clean up and recycle materials, paving the way for a world-class export facility.

We are grateful that so many generations came together to celebrate our shared history. We remain committed to completing the permitting process in a responsible manner and to use the opportunity before us to grow jobs and build a world-class export facility that honors the legacy of Longview.

Click here to download a high resolution photo from the event.

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