Public Disclosure Request Lawsuit


  1. Complaint (pdf)
  2. Summons (pdf)
  3. Press Release (pdf)

Shoreline Permits Appeal


  1. Petition for Review (pdf)
  2. Exhibit A (pdf)
  3. Exhibit B (pdf)
  4. Press Release (pdf)

Water Quality Certification Appeal


  1. Complaint (pdf)
  2. Notice of Appeal (pdf)
  3. 401 WQ Certification Denial Letter (pdf)
  4. SEPA Final Environmental Impact Statement (link)
  5. Press Release (pdf)



Speaker biographies (doc)

Bill Chapman (headshot)

Kristin Gaines (headshot)

“A World-Class Project” (video)

“Our Allies and the Environment” (video)

B-roll package (video)

Site (photography)



“Ecology’s decisions harms state’s future,” (Op-Ed)

“The Manifest,” Washington Public Ports Association, October 13, 2017 (newsletter)

“The coal-terminal debate: a view from Japan,” (Op-Ed)

“An environmental victory for Washington, but economic challenges remain,” (Editorial Board)

“The working class outside the Seattle bubble needs Longview’s coal-export terminal,” (Op-Ed)