Posted by & filed under Newsroom. recently ranked Longview on their list of America’s prettiest towns. Our southwest Washington city was chosen for its panoramic blend of small town charm and riverside industry.

Longview’s industrial past began with its founder and namesake, Robert A. Long, seeing a need to build living quarters to house the enormous workforce needed for his lumber mills.

In an excerpt from the Forbes article, Foster Church, author of Discovering Main Street: Travel Adventures in Small Town of the Northwest, says of Mr. Long:

“He needed 14,000 workers to help run his two mills, so in 1921; he built a city that could house up to 50,000 people. Today, the town retains its old town lumber mill feel, and is home to the well-planned but serene beauty of Lake Sacajawea Park, one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen.”

The Forbes article highlights how Longview has successfully blended the natural beauty of our region with a rich industrial tradition that put our city on the map. Our community continues to live out this tradition, as timber and natural resources, longshore labor and manufacturing remain key to our local economy.

In honoring Longview’s industrial past while preserving its natural beauty, we remain committed to the environmental clean-up and redevelopment of the old Reynolds site into a world-class port facility.


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